Automobile insurance

Automobile insurance for individuals

To insure your vehicle GENERALI proposes its FELICITA product adapted to your needs.

Innovating coverages

  • Compensation at purchase value during one year if the vehicle is new
  • Compensation for damages to headlamp inserts, rear-view mirrors, tail lights and sun roof
  • Coverage of radios and wheels even if they are stolen inside the vehicle

New services

  • Servicing/Towing: in case of puncture or fuel failure
  • Replacement car: in case of immobilization or repair of the vehicle in the shortest delays
  • Car service: retrieval of your vehicle at your home or at your working place and return after repair

Services in case of damages

You can take advantage of the GENERALI Certified Garage:

  • A professional of car repair selected for its competence, its equipment and its service quality: you are sure that repairs will be done according to car manufacturer specifications.
  • A professional of car service : when you arrive to the garage, the repairman takes digital pictures of the damages sustained by the vehicle and once finished you can go back home with your car. Then repairs are planned according to your availability.
  • A free replacement car service is proposed during repairs according to repairman availabilities.

Always more comfort: once repairs over, your vehicle (inside and outside) is cleaned up, levels, tires and lighting controls are made up. Repairs (spare parts and labour) are covered during two years. All is paid! We pay the invoice directly to the garageman, with deductible taken off if necessary